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A Sensual Night

    Tishar was never very talkative as a child. He would always pretend to be asleep or listen to music in the car, but tonight was very different. Tishar was in the car with a hot young otter. Not to mention he was very awkward around anything with two legs. "So… Nick…" Tishar fumbles around with topics to chit-chat about. "How 'bout them Runners?"


"Football… I think…"

"I wouldn't know, I think football is a pointless sport."

"ME TOO!! We have so much in common!!"

"I… guess so…"

    Tishar came to a realization that he may be coming on too strong, or not strong enough. "It's hotter than a super models funeral in here!" Tishar panted furiously, trying to stir up conversation. "I'm comfortable, but if you would like I can turn the AC on."

"That would be much obliged."

"You're pretty drunk . Where are you from?" Nick chuckled.

"A cold place where the only thing to keep you warm is vodka. Everybody drinks..."

"You like the cold?"

"Me being arctic doesn't mean I like cold."

"I'm sorry. I know all about stereotypes…"

"About otters?"

"No, about… never mind."

"Come on, you can tell-"

Tishar was cut off by Nick putting the car in park and shutting off the car. He hadn't realized until now that they had been sitting in the parking lot for quite awhile.

"I guess-"

"You can come in, if you'd like." Tishar cuts Nick off.

"Why not?"

"Why not indeed!"

Tishar ushered Nick into the lobby of the apartment complex. It was damp and cold and as they both walked into the elevator Tishar could have sworn he caught a glimpse of Nick staring at his ass. Nick was definitely blushing now; he knew he had been caught.

"So?" A startled Nick, who was red as a teenager's first hickey, was quick to respond. "What?" The elevator dinged and as Tishar walked into the wet hallway, he threw a quick question. "Did you like the view?"

Nick stood in the hallway confused. "View?"

Tishar opened the door and said "Yea, the view of my ass."

Nick was never so embarrassed in his life!

"Now, my room is a little empty, but its home."

Nick was surprised by the room; it was humble, empty, and bland. Tishar looked at the otter in amusement. It was the face of innocence, and the face of a creator. He could tell Nick was thinking of ways to spruce up the room. Tishar couldn't help him self… He groped the otter on the butt while his back was turned.


"I couldn't help myself."

"That kind of hurt…"

"Sorry, like I said I couldn't help myself."

There was a long awkward pause. "Do you have a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

"I… I like what I see is all…" Nick will forever blush after this night.

"Thank you… Do… Do you want to?"

Nick started to pull off his shirt…

Tishar pulled out a large blanket and began to stretch it out on the floor. Nick stood for a moment and then decided to "help" Tishar with his clothes. He told Tishar to get on his back. He then unbuttoned Tishar's pants with his teeth, and did the same for the zipper. Tishar tackled Nick and pulled his baggy jeans off without even needing to unbutton them. Tishar slowly pulled Nick's boxer's down and began to suck the otter cock. Tishar worked up and down on Nick's throbbing member, and then Nick pushed on Tishar's muzzle as he came into his mouth. Tishar looked at Nick as Nick looked back at him. Finally Nick rolled over and assumed the position. "WAIT!! Do you have a condom?"

"Uhhh… Damn it! No…" He had forgotten to pick some up.

"Well…" Nick thought. "Check my wallet, there should be one in there."

"Found it!" Tishar held it up like it was a needle in a haystack. "Ok… it's on…"

"Please tell me you have lube…" Nick said as he just realized the size of the canine cock that was on his backdoor.

"… Actually I do!" Tishar searched his pants.

"You keep lube… In your pocket?"

"You never know when you could find yourself in a tight spot." Tishar replied as he squeezed the little bottle onto his little friend and then his finger. As Tishar applied it to the hole he asked "You ready?"

"Yes…?" Nick questioned himself.

Tishar pushed his cock into Nick slowly at first, then a little quicker each time, until he started to pant. Nick was moaning and pushing against Tishar as he started to show his teeth. Tishar put his free hand on the otter's cock and began stroking it. Nick yelped and came all over Tishar's hand. "I can't hold it much longer!"

"Cum, damn you cum!"

Tishar held Nick firmly and pumped his load into the condom. He pulled out slowly and removed the condom, and threw it in the corner. Nick turned around and cleaned his wolf off the only way he could… With his mouth. They flopped on the floor together, and then just cuddled and kissed softly, as they exchanged information about themselves. Tishar kissed Nick one more time on the nose and whispered a "good night, sleep tight" as he drifted off to a deep sleep…

To be continued…

This contains Gay SEX!! This is my first shot at pornographic stuff. I hope you enjoy...
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Cool, it's pretty good.
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It's the only response I could come up with o.o
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The dialog is a bit dirtier than expected, but I don't care.
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